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The Process

Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material is pressed through a die (form) to the desired cross-section.

The two main advantages of this process over others are its ability to create very complex cross-sections, and the usage of materials that are not necessarily strong, since the process encounters little resistance.

The extruded profiles are cooled at the press, and are cut to lengths.

At the end of the line the material is  stacked in metal racks, for heat treatment.


MP Non Ferro is in contact with a number of foreign manufacturers with an extensive range of extrusion presses for a convenient choice for the required product.


There are both horizontal and vertical presses available, and direct as well as indirect (inverted) extrusion systems in the programme.


MP Non Ferro can supply extrusions from 50 grams up to 100 kg per running metre, with a max circumscribed circle of appr. 650 mm


Most of the products can be supplied in a special surface finish, such as natural and hard anodising, various paint finishes, as well as mechanical treatments like sanding, brushing or polishing.


These treatments may be carried out internally after extrusion or externally by sub-contractors.

Logistic systems are in place to meet required supply requirements


If there are reasons why clients search additional operations on the required products, MP Non Ferro can assist in searching for the correct technical solution. 

MP Non ferro has a vast network of national and international subcontractors in the field of

- surface and mechnical operations

- cutting to length with fine tolerances

- machining, punching and bending solutions

- assembly, packing and storage.

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