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About us

MP Non Ferro was founded in 1976 as an agency business, representing strong foreign producers of non-ferrous semi-finished products.

The company searches product groups, of which there is little or no domestic production.


Now, MP Non Ferro supplies semi-finished products in niche corners of the aluminium and copper industry.

It is a privately owned limited company, and its success is based on a high level of technical know-how and commercial experience in specialised business, supported by practical knowledge of various foreign languages, and a high efficiency in international logistics.


The products are supplied from well established, and strongly positioned international family industries, not dependent on support from external or integrated groups or financiers.

Our Team

In  the past years our team has undergone various changes, but the core has remained intact for many years. For a long time now we work with an extremely efficient small team and employ a number of professional, external experts in social, financial, and economic fields.

Ing. Marco E Jacques is  the only shareholder and CEO of the company, and is in charge of leading and modelling the commercial and financial strategy. He represents the organisation both in sales and procurement.

Mevr. Eveline Blom runs the office, and takes care of the complete administration and provides a listening ear and a speedy answer to the questions of clients, transporters and suppliers.

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