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Aluminium Rolled Products

Aluminium Rolled.gewalst, plaat band, f

The production starts mostly with cast slabs. The slabs, varying in thickness from 200 up to 800 mm are heated to the required temperature, and then hot-rolled to a thickness of between 6 and 20 mm. The extreme reduction in thickness makes it necessary to coil the material. To replace the hot-rolling phase the producer could also use continuously cast coils mostly on a thickness between 6 and 12 mm.


In the next process, the metal is cold rolled on QUARTO rolling machines, two rolls underneath and two on top, to accumulate more power. The material will be rolled down to a thickness of 0,4 up to 4,0 mm, depending on the final product.


A third process brings the coils down to a thickness of 0,10 up to 0,4 mm. In this range various niche products are manufactured, such as foil-stock, different can applications, packing and roofing materials.


A fourth operation produces final packing materials, and different technical and household foils.                

To accommodate the correct quality a number of heat-treatment processes is used to enable a proper production.

Alu Rolled

Aluminium Bar

and Sections

Aluminium profiel, sections,

MP Non Ferro specialises in the supply and distribution of bars and sections of high technical quality and that require additional attention.


The company co-operates with a limited number of foreign manufacturers. Some have internal possibilities for further processing. MP Non Ferro recommends the most suitable supplier to the client.


There are numerous qualities on the market, but most manufacturers comply with the international standards:

EN 12020 series; EN 755 Series.

Aluminium Tubes

aluminium getrokken drawn tubes buis

For the production of aluminium tubes a number of techniques are used:


- Vertical direct extrusion, tubes in coils

                             (Exceptionally also drawn)

- Horizontal extrusion, tubes in cut lengths

- Bridge die extrusion and cold drawing

- Mandril, seamless extrusion and cold drawing

- Seamless, cold drawing in lengths

- HF-Welded tubes in lengths


The product is available, extruded and drawn to close tolerances, in most shapes and sizes from 5 to 220 mm diameter.


There are endless qualities on the market, but most manufacturers comply with the international standards:

EN 12020-2:2008, 754 and 755

Alu Bar and Section
Alu Tubes

Machined Parts

FAB Accessori, Scharnier onderdeel

MP Non Ferro has developed a fine touch for the acquisition and execution of special projects for OEM customers.


Starting from the semi-finished line already in place, a range of sub-contractors is co-operating to finalise end products, ready for assembly, or even completely ready for distribution.


MP Non Ferro is excellently placed for further distribution, stocking and j.i.t. deliveries

Alu Components
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